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Communication always depends on specific target groups. Stakeholders, such as neighbouring residents, investors, politicians or shareholders need to be addressed on different levels and through specialised channels and also in a different manner than journalists, media and the publicity.

Crisis communication, in particular, requires a profound knowledge and experiences. The digital age has involved an increasing competition between companies. Thanks to the rapid development concerning online marketing and e-commerce even small companies can compete with their products and services with the big players.


Trust is the key

Once a brand or a company has managed to gain the trust of its target group, it will very likely be successful. A suddenly occurring crisis can heavily affect the reputation of a company in a negative way. This applies especially for enterprises in the B2B sector. To avoid such damages in customer trust, we consult companies in terms of crisis management and crisis prevention. This could be realised for example by creating dark sites, prepared webpages, which can immediately go live in case of a crisis. Furthermore, a defined crisis solving approach with measures and responsibilities should be prepared in order to tackle such tough situations quickly. Time is the most decisive factor in handling a crisis. meeco Communication Services is experienced in quickly taking measures to channel and control the related crisis communication. 

Communication on all levels

By implementing a transparent and credible crisis communication, we closely adapt our communication channels to the different recipients, which affect the company while

  • Influencing the public opinion (media),
  • Fearing about their jobs (employees),
  • Having expectations towards returns (investors),
  • Having entitlements towards the enterprise (shareholders),
  • Expecting convincing products/services (customers),
  • Requiring the compliance of legal regulations (politicians/organisations),
  • Fearing changes in their familiar surroundings (residents).


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