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9 reasons for choosing a professional marketing agency

Marketing: In-house or oursourced?

Your new product is perfectly developed and designed - now it should be launched and established in the market. For this essential step, many medium-sized companies look for professional marketing support. Public relations, content marketing, SEO or an appropriate social media strategy are just a few steps to establish a new brand and make it popular. To that end, companies have to take a difficult decision:

Bait the hook to suit the fish

However, this close connection includes an underestimated threat, since it might happen to lose sight of the actual needs of the target group. Even if an employee has more detailed insights into the company business, its policy and the whole portfolio, it does not necessarily reflect the expectations of the target groups and their specific requirements as far as corporate communication is concerned. Especially this kind of communication should exclusively concentrate on the expectations of the target groups and potential customers. While in-house agencies might exactly or more swiftly grasp the visions of the management, following this way can cause to miss the requirements of the target group. This is the reason why an outside look from a professional marketing agency focused on analytical approaches is definitely very helpful. A marketing agency can make the customer aware of who the communication campaign is dedicated to and what it should achieve. This is essential to promote a product or service in a successful and professional manner.

Is an internal marketing employee more economical?

In order to make the right decision, financial aspects should also be taken into account. At first sight, an internal marketing employee seems to be the cheaper way compared to a marketing agency. However, it has to be considered that a single employee cannot bear the required all-in-one capabilities and experiences. This also means, a single employee is neither capable to deal with every complex field of marketing like SEO, graphic and design, influencer marketing or web design nor to handle all necessary tools and software solutions. Therefore, it should be considered if it is worth to educate an employee in these branches or to hire a professional agency.

Faster project results thanks to new tools

For a long time, approval processes during the cooperation with marketing agencies were difficult because of the spatial distance. Meanwhile there are efficient solutions. For web design, professional agencies use prototyping solutions like Adobe XD or InVision Studio to involve their customers live in the process of planning the website, especially for structure, wireframing and design as well as effects. In this way an unbounded collaboration between agency and customer even across geographical borders and distances is possible.

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