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Profitable businesses require target-driven communication solutions. Based on the respective business targets of our customers we deliver tailor-made communication concepts resulting in clearly measurable results.

Unlike other PR and advertising agencies we can guarantee the success of our comprehensive solutions since we base the whole concept and all respective communication measures on a precise market, goal and target group analysis. From the acquired data we develop strategies in terms of communication, branding and market positioning and determine the different steps for a comprehensive communication concept including relevant, personalised and valuable contents according to the defined target groups.

Always ahead of the markets

Therefore, meeco Communication Services pays very close attention to the specialities of international markets and target groups. By utilising our international background we have the necessary know-how in terms of key trends in digital communication, which are significantly different from country to country.

One concrete example clearly outlines the necessity of analysing and finding individual communication solutions in accordance with the target group and the international and thus technical preconditions:

In Germany the application of apps has tremendously accelerated over the last years – with upward tendency. Thereby, Germany evolves against the international trend. In the global comparison the number of app reinstallations has decreased. To spend a lot of time and effort in developing an app for a specific target group in e. g. the USA might be less successful, whereas a similar target group in Germany would be completely convinced. That shows the importance of a versed market knowledge and sound target group analysis.

Turning visions into reality

We are dedicated to innovation, technical know-how and design-oriented thinking. That perfectly serves as basis for turning strategies and visions into reality. Thanks to our interdisciplinary teams including versed graphic designers, digital natives and professional writers with journalistic background, we are able to realise unique and creative projects even within tight deadlines.



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